LoL Betting


LoL. That’s a pretty convenient game for something that brings a lot of fun to video game lovers. And a lot of money to gamblers too! League of Legends has cemented its place among the top e-sports in the world. It is also a great game to bet on, and that is the reason for putting this guide together.

About league of legends (LOL)

The game is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) type created by Riot Games. It is modelled around the idea of another popular game, Dota. In 2019, LoL will be celebrating its tenth anniversary since it was released into the market.

Lol has continuously gained popularity among players and spectators around the world. It often takes top position among the most watched games with numbers peaking at around 100 million a month. This can be attributed to its freemium (free game, paid advancement) feature and also its gratifying gameplay.

Deciding whether to bet on league of legends

Just like Dota, LoL is a pretty complex game. It takes keen attention and a reasonable period to understand even if you are just a spectator. It is important that you understand the different aspects of the game before you begin betting.

Understand what roles the various characters involved play during the game. This way, you will be able to decipher the strengths of teams and individual player. It will be even easier to get through this step if you are a LoL player yourself. This is not mandatory though.

If you do not take to the game even as a spectator, then you will find the betting exercise equally bothersome.

Where to be on league of legends action

A decade-long existence coupled with huge popularity means LoL has caught the attention of many betting sites. As such, there are numerous houses where you can find League of Legends markets at any time. This applies for both mainstream and upcoming betting sites.

BetWay, Bet365 and 1XBet, William Hill and Mr. Green are major mainstream companies that include LoL in their markets. These houses, initially known for mainstream sports betting, are continuously adopting electronic gaming as a sport and are creating dedicated segments for them.

Other sites designed specifically for e-sports betting also have LoL high within their ranks. GGBet, Pinnacle, Bovada, BetHard, Pixel and Nitrogen Sports fall within this rank. The beauty of betting within such sites is that you do not need to roam a lot to find e-sports. They appear right on the home page, with the hot games featured prominently.

LoL Betting
LoL Betting

How to be on lol – avaliable markets and tips

The simplest bet for any player is the outright win loss. This, refereed as the simple money line, is a bet that can be placed even by novice players. However, this kind of bet rarely has high odds.

Since the game comprises of two 5-a-side teams, there is also the market of individual player’s contributions. The aim of the game is to defend the Nexus and there are players who will contribute more than others.

You could bet on players getting killed or injured in the process, as well as having them unleash the same wrath on opponents. You can pick who will injure the most opponents and the overall team contributor.

Keeping your general e-sports betting tips in mind, you should also employ the following for League of Legends betting:

Follow the live action for live betting

Live betting is a great way to make money on LoL. Rather than bet and wait for results, always consider streaming the games you bet on. This will give the chance to bet on exciting in-play actions that you may not have noticed during your research. It will also accord you an opportunity to rack up some useful stats for future use.

When betting live however, you have to be very prompt with your bets. Remember this is a fast-moving game and any delays may lead you to miss out on good money.

League of legends tournaments to bet on

The League of Legends World Championship is the biggest competition in the game. It is an equally lucrative competition to bet on. The competition is held every year between October and November as a season culmination meeting.

Other big competitions include the Mid-Season Invitational and the Rift Rivals Majors, as well as the All Star Minor. The Imperial League, MT Legends, Exalty Challenge and the Demon League are key among tournaments outside the World Championship.

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