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Dota 2 is the best-paying e-sport in terms of price pools that competing teams play for. Any gambler will tell you, thus, that means it is a largely fertile betting ground. This is because the huge pries attract many high-quality players. As a result, competitiveness rises and predictability becomes difficult; two factors that bookmakers love. On the upside, it means that odds are great and thus punters are likely to make good money playing Dota.

Fun fact: DotA stands for ‘Defence of the ancients; 2 means that the game is a sequel.

With the huge popularity of Dota 2, it is only understandable that you would want to get into the betting game. Here is a guide to follow when betting on Dota 2 games:

Deciding whether this is the game for you

Dota is regarded a complex game, both in playing and getting the spectator grind. If you have no interest in complex games, this just might not be the game for you. Well, you could always bet blindly and hope for luck, but that is never a good strategy.

On the other hand, if you love Dota, then there is no need to hesitate.

Where to bet

Of course the betting experience is determined by the suitability of the betting experience. Always remember that as much as you want to win, having a fun time is also in the picture. The best houses in which you can bet on Dota games include Nitrogen E-Sports, BuffBet, Tipbet, Betway, and Spin palace.

These houses offer wide markets and the best odds. They are keen on big matches on big competitions including The International, Dota’s greatest competition worldwide. They also give adequate attention to smaller competitions and therefore are never without action.

How to bet

The first and general betting rule is to do a research and gather statistics about the competition and competitors. Sentimentalism never works in betting. Armed with general data about the game, here are some tips on how to bet on Dota 2:

  • Start with a small market. Do not bet on so many games at a go. This will distract your attention and prevent you from making sound in-play decisions. 
  • Identify bets to skip. Skipping bets is part of strategy. Never yield to the temptation of hopping onto every betting session that comes your way. 
  • Low risk-high returns- Dota 2 teams often upset each other. When there has been a lengthy run of alternating wins, always consider betting on underdog in that particular match. 
  • Safe odds: When trying to salvage your betting purse, always look for safe odds. Do not go all in unless you plan to end your betting session. 
  • Save the biggest risk for last. Assuming that you already know how to divide your purse into casino-like hands, you should spend each wisely. Like in the shoot-out itself, early shots should be cautionary. Mid-session bets should be defensive while the final bet should make an attempt to save all others before it. Or, of course, celebrate a great betting session.


Again, remember to allocate a fixed amount for a betting session. Betting varies from session to session. There are times to spread your risk over several bets and other times to coalesce all your money around one bet.

When betting on closely contested matches, always divide small stakes among many markets. It however also depends of the type of gambler you are. Embracing patience will help you make a lot of money with small stakes.

Once you decide your stake distribution, do not allow other people’s stakes to influence you.


Sequence Betting

Chasing losses will often present itself as an option. While most advisors and guides will tell you to never chase losses that is not always the best advice. And neither do gamblers follow it anyway. The thing is to know how to chase your losses.
Having a formula to chase losses allows you to chase losses in a sober manner that will help you recoup your money when you win. It also helps you to avoid going so deep that you end up getting burnt.

Extra tip: always follow discussion forums for tips on the current games. Reddit and Tipify are great resources for it. Odds predictors can also be quite helpful. And, of course, don’t forget to check here regularly for more tips and new advice.
Happy Dota betting!

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