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Stay healthy and be a happy gamer always

How to stay healthy in e-sports

For gamers to unleash all their potential in tournaments after hours of practice, they need stamina and a fit body. Pro gamers spend over 50 hours each week on their computers practicing for competitions. Most of them end up becoming unfit for lack of exercise and physical activities. Their bodies get strained for sitting in … Read more

Highest paid e-sport gamers: Women are taking a front seat

Highest-Paid Female Gamers in E-Sport

Affirmative action` has helped women become leaders in many fields. In traditional sports, we have seen the struggles that women have gone through to match their male counterparts. Their efforts have somehow paid off, but they still have not fully matched men’s physical abilities, often termed discrimination. However, in e-sport, things are different. Gamers don’t … Read more

5G ‘s Most Significant Impact on e-sports

When 5G internet was first mentioned, its impact of the e-sport world may not have been the first thing that came to mind. But the exponential growth of the e-sport industry coupled with its needs make it one of those that stand to benefit the most once 5G is fully mainstream. 5G effects across the … Read more

e-sport partnership is the growing trend, with the latest between Navi and Abdaseat

E-sport Partnership: Andaseat Meets Navi

E-sport partnership has been growing rapidly for the past few years. Partnerships are beneficial for all parties involved. In e-sport, for instance, partnerships give the teams a chance to get free gear and equipment that may have been quite expensive for the team to acquire on their own. For the company, they get free advertisement … Read more

Women in e-sports are taking more active roles than in traditional sports

Women in E-Sports- A New, Refreshing Taste

Women in e-sports is definitely one of the best things that have happened to sports in recent times. Recently we had a women-only sports festival that was held in Lisbon, Portugal. The event had eight professional teams taking part. Women’s representation in sports is growing albeit at a slow pace. There are still fewer women … Read more

e-sports legends are also inducted into a hall of fame

E-Sports Legends: Hall of Fame Inductees

E-sports legends who get inducted into the hall of fame are community members who have made an immense difference in their careers and the entire world of e-sports. They continue playing fundamental roles and promoting the sport with a high level of commitment. Unfortunately, very few people continue supporting the sports after they retire from … Read more

A gavel: E-sports are now attracting the attention of the law

E-SPORTS and The Law: what You Need to Know

E-sports now have undeniable attention to the sports world, inevitably attracting the interest of the law. You will find many players either individually or grouped into teams playing computer games while another massive crowd of spectators is keenly following the competitions. Many spectators even place best the winning teams and various occurrences. E-sport has gained … Read more

the best esports teams raking in good money

The best esports teams in The World

If you are asked to name the best esports teams in the world right now, what metric would you use? Would you go by the teams playing your favourite games? Or would you look at the highest earners? Maybe even the best combination of your mates. Awards won? Others would go for consistency in recent … Read more

Fans queuing

7 Biggest E-Sports Competitions of 2021

It is always fresh to say this; e-sports are one of the greatest things happening in 2021. As mainstream sports slow down due to COVID-19 safety measures, e-sports continue to thrive. The discipline’s virtual nature has helped it stand out when everything else is taking a break. As the second quarter of 2021 kicks in, … Read more

Gamers in action

Eight Ways Everyone Can Make Money from E-sport

When you read this blog, you will often hear that e-sport is the future, not just competition-wise but also money-wise. The discipline is attracting more money by the day. What’s even better? The money is there for everyone- including you! Now, that is not a term you will hear often during these times. The internet … Read more