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Highest paid e-sport gamers: Women are taking a front seat

Highest-Paid Female Gamers in E-Sport

Affirmative action` has helped women become leaders in many fields. In traditional sports, we have seen the struggles women have gone through to match their male counterparts. Their efforts have somehow paid off, but they still have not fully matched men’s physical abilities, often termed discrimination. However, in e-sport, things are different. Gamers don’t require … Read more

5G ‘s Most Significant Impact on e-sports

When 5G internet was first mentioned, its impact of the e-sport world may not have been the first thing that came to mind. But the exponential growth of the e-sport industry coupled with its needs make it one of those that stand to benefit the most once 5G is fully mainstream. 5G effects across the … Read more

e-sport partnership is the growing trend, with the latest between Navi and Abdaseat

E-sport Partnership: Andaseat Meets Navi

E-sport partnership has been growing rapidly for the past few years. Partnerships are beneficial for all parties involved. In e-sport, for instance, partnerships give the teams a chance to get free gear and equipment that may have been quite expensive for the team to acquire on their own. For the company, they get free advertisement … Read more