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Gamers in action

Eight Ways Everyone Can Make Money from E-sport

When you read this blog, you will often hear that e-sport is the future, not just competition-wise but also money-wise. The discipline is attracting more money by the day. What’s even better? The money is there for everyone- including you! Now, that is not a term you will hear often during these times. The internet … Read more

A podium for 1, 2, 3 winners

E-sports Tips for The Aspiring Pro

As sporting as we have always known it is turned upside down, e-sports stand to benefit. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of sports that required people to come together were suspended. Even as they resume, it appears they cannot operate the same way they did before. This leaves e-sport as a … Read more

E-Sports Set To Be a Medal Sport at Asia 2022 Games

E-sports have again scored a major win as its disciplines are incorporated as medal sports. The sport is going to be a medal-recognised category beginning with the Asia 2022 games. E-sports scheduled for Hangzhou in 2022 have already attracted 27 National Olympic Committees in the e-sports categories. Initially, e-sport was a demonstration sport at the … Read more